Real Estate and Drone photography

Drone view of a house from low altitude of the front from an angle
Partial view of the front of a house with a large pine tree blocking part of it

I offer real estate photography services. At this time I offer photos of the property and house. I also offer 3D virtual tours, floor plans, and drone photos. Scroll down to get the particulars and prices of what I offer.

Home photos

Photos of a home start at $150 for a house 1500 sq ft or smaller. For a house 1501-2500 sq ft is $200. Houses 2501-3500 sq ft is $300. Houses over 3500 sq ft will be billed at $.10 per sq ft.

White dining table in the dining area of a house, in front of a sliding door
Bed in a master bedroom with a large window | Real estate phytography
Living room with furniture and a wood floor
Master bathroom with a large bathtub, small shower, and sink
White dining table set with wide view of kitchen counters in background
View of kitchen sink with surrounding counters and cabinets

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Real estate landscape photograph's

White metal barn by driveway and blue sky with clouds

house photography

Kitchen area of a house

House photography near Flint Michigan

Family room with fireplace and double doors to outside

Real estate House photographer near me

Secondary bedroom with two beds and windows

Photographer near Saginaw Michigan

Master bedroom with a bed and three windows

home photographer

Entryway with brown slate floor and brick area for wood burning stove

house photography

Bathroom with double vanity, shower, and toilet

Best photographer in Midland Michigan

Dining room with table, sliding door

Zillow 3D home tours and Matterport virtual tours

I offer Zillow 3D home tours for an add on of $25 for a house under 2500 sq ft, and $35 for over 2500 sq ft. A basic floor plan is included with the tour. Matterport virtual tours start at $125 for houses under 3000 sq ft, and are $150 for houses over 3000 sq ft. A floor plan with fixed furniture is included with the tour.

Drone photography

For $50, drone photos can be added to a real estate shoot. I am an FAA part 107 certified pilot. All flights will be made within FAA regulations, and flights are made at my sole discretion based on regulations and weather/ environmental conditions with safety in mind. If you want just drone photos only of a property, the cost starts at $100 and is determined by the requirements of the shoot.

Floor plans

If you want a floor plan, I offer several options. If you get a Zillow 3D tour, a basic floor plan with measurements is included. There is also a floor plan that is included with a Matterport virtual tour that has measurements and fixed furniture. If you don't want a Matterport tour, but still want a floor plan I offer a basic floor plan with measurements for $20 (includes me confirming accuracy of all measurements), floor plan with fixed furniture and measurements for $35, or a floor plan with measurements, fixed furniture, and calculated gross living area for $55

Floor plan | Landis Photography

Floor plan of basement

Floor plan | Landis Photography

Floor plan of ground and first floor of house

Floor plan | Landis Photography

Floor plan of second floor of house

Floor plan | Landis Photography

Combined full floor plan of house